It's a good day to wear a jacket! It's not chilly in that, "not really cold" way we laughingly like to call, "COLD!" in Houston, but actually kind of chilly. Afternoon temperatures today only made it into the 50s and with the wind, it had potential to raise goosebumps. Of course, anywhere up North that's arguably t-shirt weather considering it's November, but for here it's about 15°-20° below the normal of 75° and reason enough to consider a fire in the fireplace tonight. We'll have cooler than normal weather through Friday, before we return to our seasonal norms by the weekend.

Do you love it or hate it? Well, you've responded! On Twitter, quips ranged from, "this is great", to, "I have to get out of bed?"

Of course, I've got to include a tweet I made during the last cold weather stint we enjoyed in late October. I fully expect this to be the scene tomorrow morning on our couch.

You never knew how long it'll stay cool like this in Houston, so try to enjoy it!

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A screen shot from Brooks Garner's instagram.
A screen shot from Brooks Garner's instagram.