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'It shakes our townhomes': Residents change schedules just to get sleep due to loud music along Washington Avenue

HPD has a new Loud Noise Unit responding to calls on Washington Avenue. They're issuing citations, but neighbors said the problem is getting worse.

HOUSTON — Neighbors who live along the Washington Avenue Corridor are tired.

Literally and figuratively.

The loud noise problem has gotten so bad it's forced some long-time residents to completely change their work schedules just to get a few hours of sleep.

"This is a terrible corner to be on," Lauren said.

The condos off Lester Street are surrounded. There are bars everywhere you look and there are more on the way.

"We need to get these bars under control," Lauren said.

Lauren is a nurse and can't remember the last time she had a good night of sleep.

"It definitely takes a toll on your mental health," she said.

The music is so loud and the fights are so common, she's had to make unwanted lifestyle changes.

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"Can't work a dayshift job if you can't sleep at night," she said. "No one should have to alter their lives because of a bar's antics."

Neighbors routinely said area bars blast music over 100 decibels.

"The base will shake our townhomes," Lauren said. "You can set a water bottle by our windows and you can see the water vibrating that's how bad it is."

The Houston Police Department has a new loud noise unit responding to calls on the corridor and they are writing citations, but neighbors don't think it's enough.

"The citations don't do anything," Lauren said.

They've sent multiple letters to bars, like Standard, hoping to find a solution, but so far they've gone nowhere.

"We're extremely frustrated," Lauren said. "I've reached out to every entity I can think of. What more do we have to do? How far do we have to take this?"

Many neighbors said they've spoken at City Hall. They're asking councilmembers and Mayor Sylvester Turner to walk the area at night with them so they can get an up-close look for themselves at their reality every week.