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Looking for love? These are the most popular dating apps in Houston

In Houston, Tinder is by far the most popular dating app with 389,720 users on the app in the area.

HOUSTON — If you're not married then maybe, just maybe, you're out on the town looking for love. Be warned, though, Houston isn't great for singles. It's just OK.

WalletHub ranks Houston 26th out of 182 American cities. Most people are turning to online dating, and there are hundreds of choices. Kochava, a mobile app analytic company, crunched the numbers for us.

In Houston, Tinder is by far the most popular with 389,720 users on the app in the area. They contribute to the 2 billion swipes that take place daily on Tinder around the world. A lot of these users not necessarily looking for love.

Next is Bumble. 84,780 singles use the app to find a partner. But on Bumble, the girl has to start the conversation first.

Have you heard of Zoosk? It's a surprise at No. 3 with 64,280 users in Houston. The average age for Zoosk daters is between 24 and 27, but the company reports users up to 93 years old.

Fourth-most popular is OkCupid. It's one of the world's biggest dating sites with more than 30 million active users. In Houston, 63,110 men and women have downloaded the app. It does tend to draw a much younger crowd.

Rounding out the top 5 in Houston is Grindr, the world's largest dating app for the gay community with 55,950 downloads in our area alone.

When you add up Houston's top 7 dating apps, more than half a million people are trying to find that special someone. There are plenty of options for everyone and anyone, so happy dating!

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