HOUSTON — A group in Houston that fights sex trafficking is now housing survivors of the sex trade and helping them recover.

Elijah Rising is developing 84 acres in Fort Bend County into a facility called Kendleton Farms. It’s housed as many a dozen women, and will soon be able to accommodate dozens more.

Kathy McGibbon is the project director. She says women come here in need of major healing.

"It’s a lot of trauma, number one, and so here they have a time to heal and just get some support as they get some restoration," says McGibbon.

McGibbon should know. She is also a survivor of sex trafficking. She says she was forced into it by her boyfriend, who she eventually discovered was a pimp.

"I was forced to do and perform acts against my will, I was coerced and threatened daily, that’s how I got into it. There are multiple avenues to be into traffic," says McGibbon.

She escaped that life, but says it took a long time for her to recover.

"It just took me a little longer because I was kinda doing it on my own. Here, women don't have to do it on their own," says McGibbon.

And McGibbon is going places. Last month, she was in the White House as new legislation was signed by President Trump, making it harder for sex traffickers to operate online, by making the websites they use accountable.

The folks at Elijah Rising say sex trafficking continues to be big business in Houston.

"It’s one of the top cities for sex trafficking, we get some of the most calls to the national hotline," says David Gamboa of Elijah Rising.

If you would like to help in the fight against sex trafficking contact them through their website.