PEARLAND, Texas - Video of a Pearland woman’s gender reveal-turned-surprise engagement party got millions of views and drew thousands of comments on social media.

“My heart is pounding,” said Kimberly Argueta, 17, on the recording of her sister’s party.

Only two people there fully knew what to expect. The birthday girl, Karina Argueta, hoped to learn she was having a baby boy or girl. Then, her bubble burst at the hands of her fiancé, Leo, and her best friend, Jasmine.

“I was so ready (to hurt Jasmine),” Karina Argueta said, laughing.

She and Bay City Police Sgt. Leo Chevez are expecting. Neither wanted to know the gender of their child until the couple popped pink or blue confetti-filled balloons in front of friends and family during Argueta’s 26th birthday party at an aunt’s home Sunday.

Though secretly Chevez, who months ago bought a ring and told Karina they should marry, met with Argueta’s best friend. The two planned to stun everyone with gold confetti and a note stuffed inside the gender reveal balloon. The letter asked, “Will you marry me?”

“The first thing that came to mind was, 'Jasmine, I don’t want to marry you,'” Karina Argueta said. “I want to know what (the baby’s gender) is. Is it a girl or a boy?”

However, as Karina Argueta thought and turned towards her fiancé on his knee, she got goosebumps, then cried. Chevez begged.

“He was like, 'Please say yes,'” Karina Argueta said. “'Please, please say yes.'”

Video of the surprise posted on Facebook and Twitter got millions of views. It makes Karina Argueta excited and anxious about what happens next, she said.

The couple is having a girl due May 19. Her name will be Camila. However, her middle name will be Rosario in honor of Chevez’s mom, who passed away in October after a long fight with breast cancer, Karina Argueta said.

The couple has not yet announced a wedding date.