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Wednesday night's thunderstorms were a relief for many, but for some, they brought disaster

Lightning strikes caused house fires at multiple Houston-area residences

CYPRESS, Texas — Many people were happy to see some rain Wednesday night, but for a handful of families, the thunderstorms were devastating.

Some found themselves picking up the pieces after nearly everything they owned was destroyed.

John Thompson is among several Houston-area homeowners surveying the damage today.

“No one was home,” Thompson said. “My wife and daughter were away on a trip. I was in town with my mom and my neighbor called and said that my house is on fire.”

Officials say lightning caused three house fires in Cypress alone last night.

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Several more were reported in other Houston-area communities as well.

Thompson picked out the sentimental items that were left.

“Pictures. Pictures,” Thompson says. “We’re trying to find all those that we can.”

Aside from that, he’s dealing with insurance adjusters. There’s no playbook for this situation.

Thompson became what he’d never considered — the victim of a lightning strike. He says he's grateful for the help he's been given.

“The neighbors have been very supportive,” Thompson said. “The whole neighborhood, the Pizza Hut guy, people have been dropping off things, water,” Thompson said. “People are helping out then offered to stay in different homes it’s been really great.”

As unlucky as he may be, Thompson said he hasn’t once looked up at the hole in his roof and asked, “Why me?” Instead, his words are those of gratitude.

“I’m just thankful that no one got hurt, including the fire department. We got our dogs out, that’s an important thing. Material things are replaceable,” Thompson said. “I’ve got a lot of good support and you know we’re just thankful that it turned out, I’m not gonna say good, but it could’ve been a lot worse.”

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