COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Just last month, the local pride community was mourning the loss of those killed in Orlando. Now, the LGBT group is facing their own threat.

A comment saying quote "Lock and load. Time to get on the news" was posted in response to a flyer for the groups upcoming picnic.

The threat was spotted by Mandy Perry, who lives outside of Philadelphia.

"If I didn't just say 'hey i saw this' and then something happened. How do you live with that?," said Perry.

Pride Community Center leaders are calling Perry a hero for speaking out.

"In Bryan- College Station we are not used to these things so we took it very seriously, especially that he was willing to make the news," said Judy LeUnes, a Pride Community Center board member.

"You can't help but think of Orlando and what a tragic horrific event unfolded there," said Kay Dennis, the president of the organization.

The Pride Community Center decided to postpone their annual picnic at Bachmann park.

"We thought of all the children and innocent people that could be hurt," says LeUnes.

College Station police and the FBI are investigating the threat.

"We are thoroughly investigating this to the best of our ability to ascertain the source of the threat and hold anyone accountable for any criminal activity that has occurred," said Asst. Chief Chuck Fleeger.

The website Tumblr has yet to comply to a subpoena ordering them to release information.

Although this is a setback for the organization... "we are not going away, the picnic will happen," said Dennis.

The date for another picnic has yet to be set. The pride community board will be meeting in about two weeks to plan the event.

Police will continue to investigate the threat. They hope the website will be able to provide them with more information.