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Langham Creek softball powered by twins

Emily Simmons is the star pitcher and home run hitter. Kasey is her catcher with a near-perfect fielding percentage. "They're in sync. They're hard workers."

CYPRESS, Texas — They sound alike because they are alike. Twins Emily and Kasey Simmons are always encouraging, instructing and leading the way for the Langham Creek High School softball team, under the direction of coach Michele Biffle.

“They're in sync,” Biffle said of her twin seniors. “They're hard workers. They are driven. So when they bring that to the field, there's no choice for everybody else to follow suit.”

Emily is the star pitcher and home run hitter. Kasey is her catcher with a near-perfect fielding percentage. 

There are some differences.

Kasey is in awe of Emily’s power. “She has the ultimate power just to put it over the fence anytime she touches the ball,” Kasey said. 

Emily admires Kasey’s toughness behind the plate. “Squatting all game?” I don't know how she does it," Emily said.

“That's what's fun about this group is they’re truly a sisterhood," Biffle added.

The result? The first district title in program history with state in sight. The Lady Lobos start their next playoff series on Thursday against Midway of Waco.

Next year, these twin sisters will play college ball together at Southeastern Oklahoma State. Yes, they were a package deal. 

“She’s my forever roommate,” Kasey said.

And it seems they’ve made another deal: not to talk about the pressure of playoffs.

“It's always been like in the back of our mind, but we don't want to say it,” Kasey explained.

Instead, they’re just enjoying their final season of high school ball and their younger sister is on the team too.

“We're just playing our game with people we love,” Emily said.

And it shows.

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