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Killeen Pokestop site of 1991 Luby's Massacre

A Pokestop in Killeen is raising eyebrows as some are calling it "in poor taste."

A Pokestop in Killeen is raising eyebrows as some are calling it "in poor taste."

That Pokestop is the site of the Luby's Massacre, making one of the darkest times in Killeen's history now embedded viral game, Pokemon Go.

When it happened on Oct. 16, 1991, the Luby's Massacre was the worst mass shooting in U.S. History and it remains the fourth-worst.

Ten years ago, Yank Sing, a Chinese buffet, opened on the same site. Now, though, the game Pokemon Go is giving the sight and memory an additional purpose that some residents say needs to change.

Because the site is a Pokestop, players are encouraged to visit it and stock up on in-game items and catch Pokemon.

We reached out to the restaurant multiple times but they declined comment.

However, one person walking in said if he were the restaurant, he would definitely reconsider.

"I understand that the company that runs Pokemon Go isn't located in Texas, so they might not know," Chris Buford said. "But I think it's a little distasteful. It's a very dark piece of history in Killeen and, if I were the restaurant, I wouldn't want people coming in thinking about that."

This isn't the only Pokestop with that kind of history. Ground Zero in New York is one, the VA has asked people to stop playing at all of their cemetaries and health centers and the Aggie Bonfire Memorial in College Station is one.

Killeen City Councilman Juan Rivera told us on the phone, "Oh no. We have to look into that....something needs to be said about this."

We've reached out to the makers of Pokemon Go and there are procedures people can take to have a Pokestop removed from the game, however it's unclear whether Yank Sing or the city will do so in this case.

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