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Katy ISD students push to change homework policy

KATY, Texas - A Cinco Ranch High School student started a Change.org petition seeking to put an end to excessive homework.

KATY, Texas - A Cinco Ranch High School student started a Change.org petition seeking to put an end to excessive homework.

So far, more than 8500 people have signed it.

“I have like 6, 7 hours of homework a night,” said Cinco Ranch student Malina Rusu.

“3 hours, 4 hours maybe,” said student Alefiyah Ghandi.

“I was up until 1 o’clock last night working on homework,” said student Oliver Marlow.

A fellow student named Luke started the petition. He says it will be presented to the Katy ISD Superintendent once 10,000 signatures are collected.

“We believe the amount of homework we receive every night is outrageous,” Luke wrote on the petition web page.

“Having homework in every class every night is asking my children to do what most adults don’t do,” wrote one parent on the page.

“We’re not asking to completely get rid of homework, we’re just asking for some sort of regulation on how much homework and which class should give it on each day,” said student Anuraag Routray.

The National Education Association and National PTA endorse what’s known as the 10-minute rule. That mean 10 minutes of homework per grade level, starting with first grade.

Cinco Ranch students say they do much more.

More than one study suggests excessive homework increases stress and sleep deprivation. It can even heighten the risk of ailments like ulcers and migraines.

“I don’t get to see my mother that often because I’m always locked in my room doing homework,” said student Bridget Burkhalter.

“I don’t hate homework, but I think the amount of homework we get is completely unreasonable,” said student Oliver Marlow.

Katy ISD issued this statement in response to the petition:

Katy ISD is aware of the online petition requesting that the District reduce the amount of homework assigned to students. We certainly recognize and appreciate students’ and parents’ desire to streamline the amount of homework assigned, and thank those who have signed the petition for sharing their concerns and generating this discussion. Oftentimes, the amount of homework assigned to students varies depending on the subject and grade level. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity to review practices and have a broader discussion about how, why and when homework is given. We look forward to receiving and learning more from the petition. In the meantime, if a parent or student is concerned about the level of homework assigned at their school, we urge them to visit with their campus.