KATY, Texas -- Katy ISD is warning parents of a potential data breach involving students' information.

The district sent out a letter on Oct. 7. The letter states that SunGard K-12, a third-party vendor that provides services for Katy ISD’s student data management system, was recently exposed.

SunGard K-12 alerted the district about the breach and the steps that they are taking to further protect student information.

SunGard K-12 stated that the breach happened in August of this year and that it involved Katy ISD student data from the 2013-2014 school year.

The data, which included names, birthdates, social security numbers/state ID numbers, email addresses and zip codes, is housed by SunGard K-12 in a secured data center accessible to authorized personnel only.

Katy ISD said that the data breach does not impact all current students, but the information was included on the database affected.

SunGard K-12 said that the company considers it is a very low risk that any student data was inappropriately accessed or used by any unauthorized person.

The district has arranged for SunGard K-12 to offer one year of LifeLock services to impacted student(s).

This district released the following statement Monday:

SunGard K-12, a third-party student and employee data management vendor, has informed Katy ISD of a potential data exposure related to a software installation the company initiated and sent to other school districts without Katy ISD’s knowledge or authorization. The data was immediately removed from the installation package once the error was realized by the company. While there was no evidence that the data was seen by personnel from any other district, SunGard K-12 has committed to providing all potentially impacted Katy ISD students and staff with a free one-year membership to data protection and monitoring services. Information security is a top priority for Katy ISD, and the District will continue to monitor this incident and SunGard K-12 to ensure that the company adheres to taking all steps necessary to resolve and prevent this isolated incident from occurring again.