HOUSTON — A family moving their RV camper to Katy claims someone stole their home.

It was last seen parked on Mason Creek Drive near Provincial Boulevard. It was not towed, according to Harris County Precinct 5 Deputies.

The missing RV is a white 2006 KZ Jag with paper license plates, deputies said. It is far more than a stolen vehicle to Kelley Hurley, her boyfriend, 3-month-old son and 6-year-old daughter.

“I would think if you took one step inside that camper, you saw our family photos on the wall or the kids’ stuff in the back that hey this means something to someone,” Hurley said. “But they didn’t care.”

The family bought the RV in April, Hurley said. They lived near Brookshire. However, Hurley wanted to live closer to her daughter’s school in Katy ISD. Though they could not find open space at nearby RV parks, Hurley said.

A friend parked it where he and others safely stash campers, trucks and trailers on Mason Creek Drive between I-10 and Provincial Boulevard.

Two days after locking and leaving the camper, it was gone. There is no record of it being towed, deputies said.

“I just really want our stuff back,” Hurley said.

Things got worse Friday morning, she added. Doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital in Katy diagnosed Hurley’s son with RSV, Hurley said.

“We don’t have a home to go to,” she said.

While a friend made room for them to stay, Hurley cannot hide worry about her missing camper.

“(My daughter) was so upset that she lost her my little pony that she got for her birthday,” Hurley said. “Kids are resilient. She won’t remember this. But I will as a parent and it makes me feel like a failure.”

Hurley wants to have her family home for Christmas.


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