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Couple turns Katy home into creepy 'Island of the Dolls' for Halloween

The display of more than 200 spooky dolls is turning heads in the Settler's Village neighborhood.

KATY, Texas — Drive through the Settlers Village neighborhood and you'll spot a house that is making heads turn.

"I don't like to go (with) traditional Halloween decorations," Brenda Haynes said of her setup.

Haynes is the mastermind behind her family's own "Isla de la Munecas" or "Island of the Dolls."

"There's way more dolls this year," Haynes said.

This year, there are more than 200 dolls creepily scattered all over the front yard.

"Got them at garage sales, thrift stores, people gave them to me," Haynes said. "My aunt helped me a lot. She works at a thrift store and she got a lot of the weird ones."

Eleven months out of the year they're locked away in the attic, but in October they return.

"We don't play 'elf on the shelf,' we play hiding the spooky dolls around the house," said Ian Haynes, Brenda's husband.

The dolls are in trees, on swings and hanging from the second-floor balcony. They're even on the family car.

"I have to explain it to everybody," Ian Haynes said. "Just driving the wife's vehicle, oh, Lord!"

No matter where you look, the dolls are always watching. So are the neighbors.

"No one says anything negative, people just think we're crazy," Ian Haynes said.

It's a sight you never truly get used to and it's a family tradition that spooks some and shocks others and it's a way to make Halloween fun for everyone.

"Last year, the kids ... they didn't want to come up, you could hear them screaming," Brenda Haynes said. "I just love that. I'm like, 'Just come here, here's your bag.'"

They'll be handing out candy for trick-or-treaters again this year. Just know that to get the chocolate, you'll have to get by the dolls.

"Face your fear," Ian Haynes said.

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