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K-9 discovers human remains during search after plane crash in Trinity Bay

The NTSB says this is not an easy scene to work, largely because of the mud, the shallow waters, and the tide.

ANAHUAC, Texas — Human remains have been found in the search for the third victim of Sunday's plane crash in the Trinity Bay. 

Around 2 p.m. Tuesday, a K-9 found the remains during the search, said Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne.

The sheriff said he could not positively identify the remains. He also said crews are bringing in heavy equipment to dig for the plane's black box and to recover other debris from the crash.

"The contractor is bringing in equipment specialized for shallow water. It's a barging system and they'll actually put equipment on top of it." said Sheriff Hawthorne.

The mud is much like quicksand where someone could sink into it one to two feet deep very quickly, said an FBI agent during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

There will be a private memorial ceremony at the crash site for family members and friends of the three men who were killed Tuesday night.

The search was suspended on Monday due to bad weather but crews were back out at the scene Tuesday.

The NTSB says it is not an easy scene to work, largely because of the mud, the shallow waters, and the tide.

Tuesday morning, the Chambers County Sheriff’s Department said the medical examiner has a positive ID on two of the victims. 

On Monday, they put out pinging devices to locate those recorders. They are equipped with locators that make noise for at least 30 days when submerged in water.

The issue they are running into is they don’t sound in the mud, and that’s likely where they landed.

Crews have yet to hear any pings. Investigators also began flying drones to start aerial mapping the crash scene.

Questions investigators will look into once those recordings are found: did the cargo load shift unexpectedly? What kind of weather did they encounter on approach? What was going on in the cockpit when that plane entered that death dive?

Tuesday was Day Four of the investigation and the circumstances surrounding the deadly crash still remain a mystery. 

Right now investigators say a timeline on how long it’s going take to figure things out is also unclear.


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