DEER PARK, Texas — Is the air safe to breathe? Some of you have reached out to us complaining about feeling light headed as the fire at the International Terminals Company continues to burn.

The Environmental Defense Fund is partnering with the City of Houston to put up air quality monitors across town.

"I have no trust, so we want our own information," said Bridgette Murray, a homeowner.

One of the ten monitors going up is in her backyard in Pleasantville.

"Living in a community that is so close to the chemical plants, the freeway -- we are inundated by exposure," said Murray.

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The closest state regulated air monitor is two miles away. That's why the environmental group says it's so important to get these monitors up and running.

What will they measure? It's something called particulate matter. Think of it like dust or soot in the air.

"We know that P.M., is what people call it, is associated with a lot of short term and long term health effects, so it's really important from a public health perspective," said Katie Moore, with the Environmental Defense Fund.

How long will the monitors be up?

"We will have it up for a couple of weeks and potentially longer, they are meant to be stationary and give long term information," said Moore.

These monitors take readings constantly. You can check out the results for yourself, by clicking here.