HOUSTON - Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale wants you to bet on the Houston Astros again.

It's simple: Buy a mattress set worth at least $3,000 and if the Astros win it all, you get it all back.

"Eight wins to go," McIngvale said. "They're doing great and have got the entire city energized."

Right now the Astros are looking pretty good, but no team has won back-to-back World Series since the New York Yankees won three in a row from 1998 to 2000.

But History isn't stopping customers from placing their bet on the Astros. And McIngvale is no stranger to these promotions. He's learned some lessons the hard way.

"I did a Super Bowl promotion, and that was about an $8 million loss. Last year I had some insurance, but not all of it, and that was about $12 million on the Astros," McIngvale said. "This year I got smarter and got insurance. My wife's very happy with that."

Last year, Mack ran the same Astros "Win It All, Get It All" promotion. When the Astros delivered, so did he, with millions of dollars in refunds. He even invited the players to meet the fans.

And if the Astros pull it off again, McIngvale will have to refund even more money this year.

"We hope we give it all back to our customers," McIngvale said. "I'm lucky. I got insurance. The Astros are winning. This town's excited. Go Astros!"

If you want to take part in the promotion, you have until Oct. 14th to make your purchases.