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'I still don't want to believe it': Family says Santa Fe school shooting suspect harassed victim

The family believes alleged Santa Fe High School killer Dimitrios Pagourtzis harassed their daughter about dating prior to her death.

SANTE FE, Texas - Shana Fisher's family is at a loss, but not for words.

They believe alleged Santa Fe High School killer Dimitrios Pagourtzis harassed their daughter about dating prior to her death.

"This guy kept harassing her like wanting to be with her like wanting to be in a relationship," Sadie Baze said.

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Fisher, Baze's oldest daughter, reportedly rejected Pagourtzis. No one is sure if that led to her being gunned down in an art class at her school.

"Why would he go in and kill such a beautiful kid?" Timothy Thomas asked.

Thomas is Fisher's father. The family believe she was killed first by a shotgun blast. Investigators told them the teen is not recognizable.

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Baze was holding out hope the authorities were wrong. Investigators used pictures and asked about distinguishing marks on the girl's body to make the identification. Family members were not allowed to see Fisher's remains on Saturday. Following an autopsy on Monday, her body will be released.

"It's the worst feeling I've ever felt in my life," Baze said.

The pain swells when they walk into Fisher's bedroom where her makeup and clothes are like she left them before going to school on Friday.

Smart, responsible and shy is how they describe the 16-year-old high school student who was close to her grandparents. In fact, her grandfather dropped her off for school Friday morning. It was the last time any of them would see her alive.

"I mean, 16 years. Everyday," Baze said. "You just wake up, and your child is not coming home."

Her parents said she loved art, especially her anime. The emotional value of their daughter's sketches increased overnight. The teen had many renderings of a character called EMI.

She also dabbled at vlogging on YouTube. There are posts of her peeking in on family time and one with her trying to figure out the direction of vlog.

The family said they have forgiven the teen suspect in this case. Now they are trying to reconcile an unspeakable pain.

"I still don't want to believe it," Baze said.

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