A student at Galveston's Ball High School was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly brought a gun to school.

The 25-caliber handgun was not loaded and no shots were fired, according to Galveston ISD.

ball high school parents_1537295654242.jpg.jpg
Hundreds of parents rushed to Ball High School to pick up their children after hearing false reports of a shooting there. (Brett Buffington)

The school was placed on a "precautionary" lockdown after a Ball student told a staff member they believed another student had a weapon in the school.

The brief lockdown was lifted after the student was taken into custody.

The initial lack of information from the school district left many parents frightened and frustrated.

"Shaky, nervous, I'm still trying to breath," said one parent.

"It was terrifying," said another.

After rumors circulated of a shooting at the school, hundreds of moms and dads rushed there to pick up their children.

They waited outside in 90-plus degree heat even after the district confirmed there were no shots fired and no injuries.

While relieved to learn the rumors weren't true, the parents wanted to know why they weren't told sooner.

"These are our children, these are our kids," an emotional Cindy Soto told us after picking up her daughter. "All we want to see is this face, and hold her, and tell her I love you you're safe. That's all I want to see. I don't want the stories, I don't care what happened. I want to hold her and my two boys."

Soto said her daughter called her crying and her sons were also scared when the lockdown began.

The daughter said her teacher didn't stop class during the lockdown.

"He just kept teaching and telling us that we had a test tomorrow."

The district said they did send out an alert but most of the parents we spoke with didn't get it.