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Beware: Fake COVID vaccine surveys promise cash, steal your bank account info

The Better Business Bureau is warning the public about a clever scam to steal your bank or credit card information.

If you are like many people, you may have already received your coronavirus vaccine, or may have an appointment to get it soon.

If so, beware! Scammers may soon target you.

Jack and Renee Grady were thrilled to get their second Pfizer vaccine shot a few weeks ago until that evening, when they got an email from Pfizer.

"It just happened on the day she got her second vaccine," Jack said.

The couple figured it was a follow up to her shot. The email said it was a part of a Pfizer study, an opinion survey tha you could earn money for completing.

Jack and his wife got suspicious. They hadn't heard of Pfizer giving out money.

Good thing they questioned it because the Better Business Bureau is now issuing a scam alert about these surveys.

These scammers follow what happening in the news, and vaccines are a very hot topic.

Sara Kemerer with the BBB says any survey from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, or Moderna are most likely scams. She said scammers often ask victims to give a credit card.

"Of course, the victim's cards were charged not only once but multiple times," Kemerer said.

It's similar to past survey scams involving Walmart and other stores.

The Gradys are glad they took a closer look; they discovered a strange return address and deleted the phony Pfizer survey.

Remember: none of the vaccine makers handing out cash.