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High heels are in high demand as people return to work

When the world went into quarantine for coronavirus, high heels went to the back of the closet. But that's all changing now that people are returning to work.

Fashion insiders are noticing an interesting trend — the return of sky-high heels. 

When the world went into quarantine for coronavirus, frivolous footwear got shoved into the back of the closet. 

Crocs and Birkenstocks made a comeback as many of us focused on feeling comfy instead of how we looked. But now that many people are returning to work and going out in the town, heels are once again flying off the shelves.

High heels in demand

The head of the footwear distributors and retailers of America told the New York Times they are seeing a noticeable increase in the sale of dress shoes.

He reports the real concern is if there will be enough supply for all that demand. And he could have a good reason to be concerned.

Google searches for high heels have spiked higher than a pair of stilettos in recent weeks.

And it’s not just any old heel that people are looking for. The big demand is for designer footwear. 

In fact, Manolo Blahnik, made famous by the patron saint of high heels, Carrie Bradshaw, has announced it is bringing back its five-inch heels. Something they haven’t sold in a few years. A sign that as we hopefully return to normal, we are once again willing to sacrifice comfort for a splash of style.


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