Houston Police Department employee Stephen Daniel has been providing active shooter training around the Houston area for more than four years.

He knows the information he's sharing is more important than ever.

"We're seeing the reality that we can see these things happen anywhere at any time," Daniel said. "We've seen Paris, Colorado Springs, Lafayette, Chattanooga, California. I mean, it's crazy."

With so many shootings, demand for HPD's active shooter training has increased significantly. Daniel's most recent students were members of the Bellaire Business Association.

"Do we have the luxury of sitting back and hoping these things don't happen?" he said during a training class. "We have to be ready to respond.

Daniel has some tips if you encounter an active shooter situation.

"The biggest takeaway is that everyone needs to visualize and create their own survival mindset using the ‘Run. Hide. Fight,' techniques," Daniel said.

  • Run: Run away from the threat.
  • Hide: If you can't run away, find a safe place to hide and let the threat pass you by.
  • Fight: If you run out of options, fight.

In his classes, Daniel goes over the run-hide-fight method, as well as other eye-opening techniques that could save your life in an active shooter situation—tools the members of the Bellaire Business Association are grateful to have learned.

"When we were watching the program, I was thinking, ‘What would I do if that back door opened up or we heard something, and would we all react?'" said training participant Steve Davis. "It makes you very aware."

Daniel said everyone should learn the techniques and develop a survival mindset.

"Because it's easy to do," he said. "And it's powerful, and it really does give you the edge on surviving if you're ever the victim of one of these horrible situations."