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'They need to be uplifted' | How to help in wake of deadly weekend for law enforcement

“We can never take them back. All we can do is help the burden, let them know that they are appreciated and loved and supported."

HOUSTON — It’s been a rough week for our law enforcement community, and it’s leaving many people wanting to find a way to help.

From paying the family’s mortgage to putting their kids through college, The 100 Club has helped more than 200 families since they began. This week, sadly, three more families were added to that list, and that’s not including the three officers who were injured Thursday.

Over the weekend, the lives of special agent Anthony Salas, Corporal Charles Galloway and Sgt. Ramon Gutierrez were taken. Their loved ones are now left devastated.

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“We can never take them back. All we can do is help the burden, let them know that they are appreciated and loved and supported," Executive Director of The 100 Club William Skeen said.

The 100 Club is a nonprofit that was started in Houston that now helps many officers across the state, and every officer and firefighter in the Houston area.

“We’re there to help financially, to help the families of our heroes kind of start putting their lives back together," Skeen said.

Whether the officer was on duty or not, if they were injured or killed while doing what they were trained to do, they and their families would be covered.

“We’re meeting them at their worst possible day, but knowing that a month or two later, we’re going to help make their lives easier and help with some of this grief and give back to those who give to us every day," Skeen said.

In the first few days after an officer or firefighter is killed, The 100 Club gives the family a $20,000 check for immediate needs.

“Put it in the bank ... groceries, flying people in from out of town, whatever they may need, that’s up to them," Skeen said.

Then, they go back a month or two later to do a financial needs assessment.

“Help pay off credit card debt, car loans, car payments, help pay off mortgages, whatever that family may need and every family is unique. We’re here to help take that part away from them where they can focus on healing and try to put their shattered lives back together," Skeen said.

They try to pay off all debts and stay in the family’s life as long as necessary. They’ll even put every kid through college.

If you would like to help, a donation to The 100 Club is one way you can do that, or a simple thank you is enough.

“If you see a police officer or firefighter, thank them for their service, that’s what they’re here for. They need to be uplifted during this time," Skeen said.

The Houston Texans also announced Saturday that they would be making a $10,000 donation to The 100 Club.

"We are proud to make a contribution to The 100 Club of Houston in honor of Corporal Galloway, Sergeant Gutierrez and the other officers injured downtown earlier this week," said Houston Texans Chair and CEO Cal McNair in a press release. "Our first responders are every day heroes and we are grateful for their dedication to Houston."

If you would like to donate to The 100 Club, click here.

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