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Volunteers from Houston on the ground in Ukraine passing out medical supplies

A team of volunteers from CrowdSource Rescue, a group that formed during Hurricane Harvey, is passing out medical supplies overseas.

A group of volunteers from Houston is on the ground in Ukraine passing out medical supplies. The team is with CrowdSource Rescue, a volunteer organization that began during Hurricane Harvey.

“We are starting to see a lot more war damage, a lot more traffic fleeing, damaged vehicles," said a retired Marine, who asked us not to use his name for security reasons. “We are going in a little further this time, here in Poltava, the security measures are a lot more strict.”

The group says they've been welcomed with open arms by Ukrainians.

“They are very thankful and when they hear Texas, they definitely understand Texas,” he said. “I was surprised at their knowledge of American geography, but they are very happy people from the United States are over here."

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However, the dangers of war are still very real and so is the need for skills to survive.

“We are providing hands-on training and tactical medication and tactical applications to self-wounds and buddy wounds, as far as gunshots, things like that,” said the retired Marine. 

He says the people they’ve met are thankful for the supplies that help them stay and fight for their country.

“They want to fight for their home, They want to stand up for what they believe in," he said. 

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It’s their determination that gives the volunteers hope.

“Seeing that and being a part of that intimate experience is definitely a life-changing experience and also gives us a unique perspective," he said.

A perspective he’ll bring back home, hoping to gain more momentum for sending supplies as long as there’s a need.

Click here for ways to help the people of Ukraine.  

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