A Houston restaurant is getting a lot of attention for taking a stand.

They've had enough with parents not keeping control over their kids, so they're doing something about it.

For a couple of months now, Cuchara in Montrose has handed out cards to families that come into the restaurant.

They don't bar parents from bringing their kids in, but they do ask folks to keep an eye on their little ones.

"Every piece you see displayed here is authentic. Most of them are hand made," said Ana Beaven, owner of Cuchara.

She showed us around the restaurant pointing out all the authentic Mexican art.

"They are beautiful items for people to see so we don't want them to be broken," Beaven said.

Six months ago they did have an incident where a child scratched some walls with a quarter causing more than $1,500 in damage.

"How do we stop that kind of thing?" Beaven said. "We're busy serving and cleaning and moving around and we cannot babysit a child."

Pulling on tradition from restaurants in Mexico, this establishment started handing out postcards.

"It doesn't offend anyone, it's a set of rules," Beaven said, noting the rules ask kids not to wander around the restaurant as well as asking them not to touch anything.

Jay Bostick, a parent, was here Thursday night with family members, including his son, and didn't find the card offensive. 

"If you're a good parent, you would see the necessity of not inconveniencing other people who may not have kids with them," he said.

Others had mixed opinions.

"Parents will just see it, think nothing of it," said Pete Fontenot.

"Those people might not come back a second time if they have kids," said Rohit Ogra.