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Suspect in custody after HPD officer hit by SUV

Police say a suspect is on the run after hitting a Houston police officer with his SUV.

A Houston police officer is recovering in the hospital after she was reportedly struck and thrown in the air by a suspect's SUV as he was trying to get away.

The suspect, who has not been identified, is in custody, according to the Houston Police Department. 

It happened near the intersection of Emancipation and Jefferson. Police say several men were in a parking lot shooting a YouTube video when another man came up and tried to get into the shoot.

Police say the men asked him to leave and when they did, the suspect took out a piece of wood with a nail in it and hit one of the men in the head, and then the victims' vehicle.

Several Houston police officers who were staged nearby to help keep the downtown protests peaceful saw what was happening and ran over. 

When the suspect saw them, they say he ran back to his SUV and took off through the officers. He hit one officer, sending her six to eight feet in the air.

She was taken to the hospital and we’re told she’s going to be OK.

"She’s very lucky. She was struck very hard. We actually have it on video. She was hit hard. She went pretty high in the air," said HPD Sgt. Jimmy Dodson.

As for the person who was hit in the head with the board, he was cleared by HFD at the scene, but according to Dodson, had a big welt on his head.

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