When Houston native Ben Warner misses home, he says wanders down to Bludso’s on La Brea Avenue, where the brisket spends lots of time in the smoker and there’s Shiner on tap.

“It’s an absolutely Texas-style BBQ and it’s pretty solid, so sometimes when I’m feeling a bit homesick, I’ll come here and get some BBQ and a Shiner and I’m good,” Warner laughs.

He didn’t just grow up in Houston; Warner grew up an Astros fan.

“I used to work at the Home Plate Grill across the street from there. We would go to game all the time,” remembers Warner. “We were there for the bad years, the 100-loss seasons years. To see this after all that, it’s really pretty exciting.”

Now that his team is playing in the World Series, Warner says he’s also excited to welcome all his Houston friends to his new home in Los Angeles.

“The weather is gorgeous all the time here, although apparently next week, we’re going to get a lot of heat and I think that’s because we’re bringing it,” he says with a huge smile.

Warner isn’t joking, either. A heat advisory in effect for Game 1, when the first pitch is expected to be thrown out at a sweltering 100 degrees, which could set a new record.