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Houston mom spends first Mother's Day on the frontlines in New York

“At the hospital that I’m at, the majority of the patients are testing positive for COVID-19," Megan Amerson-Brown said.

HOUSTON — We already know that being a mother is a full-time job.

Many moms out there have also been on the frontlines every day since the fight against COVID-19 started.

Credit: KHOU

Healthcare workers have flocked to hot zones to help control the spread of coronavirus. Among them is Megan Amerson-Brown who, for the last two weeks, has been in New York working in infection control.

“Keeping our employees safe and keeping them working is my priority,” Amerson-Brown said.

Credit: KHOU

“At the hospital that I’m at, the majority of the patients are testing positive for COVID-19. It was a lot worse a few weeks before I got here and it’s slowly getting better," she said.

It’s a good sign for the first-time mom who will be spending the next seven weeks away from her family in Houston.

“This is my first Mother’s Day, so it’ll be good but hard at the same time," Amerson-Brown said.

Her daughter, Bellamy, turns 1 in a couple weeks.

“I tear up every night when we Zoom, and it’s especially hard for me to say goodnight and she kisses the phone, and it just melts my heart,” she said.

Credit: KHOU

Being away from her family has been really hard, but she knows she’s making them proud by choosing to help those who need it most.

“You have to calculate risk or reward, and in the long term, I want to be able to look back and tell her that I served during this time of need, and I did everything I could to make a difference," Amerson-Brown said.

She knows other moms are also making a sacrifice every day. She said their dedication won’t go unnoticed.

“For moms on the frontline, just keep showing your kids that helping people when you’re able to help people is the way to go,” she said.

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