HOUSTON - Harvey is still on the minds of so many six months after the hurricane's rain bands flooded the area.

"After six months later, we’re still getting some type of assistance," said Shree Williams.

She and her two children had to evacuate their home in southwest Houston six months ago. Today, Williams stood in line outside Houston ISD's Butler Sports Complex to receive a hand up.

"So, that’s a good thing too." she said.

The line of HISD families who need help with basic supplies like clothing, shoes and blankets, stretched around the complex's football field.

People waited for hours to have their turn and the brand new products that were donated to the school district's pop up shop.

"Well that’s what makes this event a little bit different," said Jason Convington who works for HISD. "Is that these aren’t just hand-me-downs. These aren’t things that people cleared out of their attic."

It's not clear where the donations came from, but from their packaging, it appears as if underwear, shirts and pants came from either a retailer or manufacturer.

Pallets of wrapped or boxed furniture filled a pair of 55-foot trailers.

"When you’re transitioning from such a disaster, as we have with Harvey," said parent Angel Dixon, "it makes you feel good to know that you have something new."

Dixon is five-months pregnant with her third daughter. The family evacuated their home along Buffalo Bayou before it flooded. "Grabbed whatever we could fit in the car and got out," said Dixon.

The Dixon's were able to walk away with a brand new crib, still in a box, along with some clothing for her two daughters.

"It’s a long way from being okay," said Covington. "And this isn’t going to fix all of their problems, but maybe it will help a little bit."