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Houston moms band together amid baby formula shortage as doctors warn self-made formulas are dangerous

From an interactive map to posts about donations, moms are teaming up to help each other and other parents.

HOUSTON — Feeding a child is every parent's concern.

“Just wanting to feed your child is one of the number one priorities," said Baytown mom Marcela Young.

The nationwide formula shortage compelled the mom, who has an eight-month-old baby, to act.

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“It just broke my heart, and I just knew there was something I had to do.”

So with the help of a former classmate’s company, Marcela created an interactive map that shows users where formula can be found.

After the site went live, she had thousands of views overnight.

“The idea is just to connect people, hopefully locally, but I know some moms are willing to go to the store, buy some and then ship it across the country.”

You can find more on how to help on Young's Facebook page, "Fighting Formula Shortage," or on Instagram at @fighting_formula_shortage.

According to Datasembly, out-of-stock rates for the first seven months of 2021 fluctuated between 2-8%.

But from November to early April, inflation, supply chain issues and recalls caused rates to skyrocket to 31%.

Stats that "West University Area Moms" founder Amanda Vlastas said her Facebook group's experience backs up.

"Going to stores and finding shelves are empty," said Vlastas.

The group can also be found on Instagram at @westuniversitymoms.

Echoing what parents are feeling everywhere.

“It’s tough to have a new baby and a challenge as it is," said Vlastas.

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The President himself Tweeted Friday that he’s talking to manufacturers to increase supply.

And with experts saying it could be weeks before shelves are stocked doctors are leaving parents with a warning that DIY and baby formula don’t mix.

“When parents think, ‘I’ll make it myself there’s online recipes that are going around,’ they can do their baby a lot of harm. It can be very dangerous," said Dr. Stanley Spinner, the chief medical officer at Texas Children’s Pediatrics & Texas Children's Urgent Care

Dr. Spinner said homemade formulas can make babies ill - potentially making them anemic or have electrolyte abnormalities.

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Tomorrow afternoon Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee will be giving away formula at Yates High School from 2 to 6 p.m.

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