HOUSTON — The family of one of the 157 people who died on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 has filed a lawsuit against Boeing here in Houston.

The local law firm filed the lawsuit in Chicago alleging that Boeing failed to properly inform pilots about the dangers and risks of flying the Boeing 737 Max 8’s software.

One of the passengers on board was from Minnesota. His brother came to Houston to meet his attorneys and briefly talked about his loss.

“He’s the one. My lovely brother and I wish he was alive. I cannot say anything else,” Hassan Abdi, brother of one of the passengers, said Monday morning.

Boeing executives have admitted the planes software played a role in the latest incident as well as the fatal October 2018 crash of a Max 8 air crash in Indonesia.

Grounded Boeing 737 Max jetliners continue to cause problems for travelers. American Airlines extending cancellations through June 5.

Ninety flights had already been cancelled through April 24.

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