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Houston-area state rep in Pennsylvania helping President Trump's legal team in challenge to election results

Rep. Briscoe Cain serves Texas' 128 district including cities east of Houston such as Crosby, Deer Park, La Porte and Baytown.

PHILADELPHIA — Houston-area state House Representative Briscoe Cain has volunteered to be part of President Donald Trump's legal team working on the president's challenge to the election results in the state.

Rep. Cain traveled to Philadelphia Friday and has already begun interviewing poll workers and poll watchers.

"That’s why I could not say no, because it is historic," Rep. Cain said. "For me, the process is what matters. This is not about ensuring that Trump wins, it’s about ensuring that we have a fair election, because I believe the people do not trust in their elections or the systems. They will not trust those who are elected. They will not trust the laws that are made."

President Trump has tweeted and made claims about "illegal votes" and "secretly dumped" mail-in ballots. Election officials in Pennsylvania have not indicated any evidence of voter fraud.

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Cain said as far as the early interviews he has conducted, there does not intend to be malicious fraud, but instead "mistakes," he said.

"That should call into question your trust in the system, and so we're up here to make and verify that it's being done properly, and I think that's important," Rep. Cain said.

The Brennan Center for Justice, a non-partisan law and policy institute, reports that voter fraud is very rare, even with mail-in ballots.

The Center reports that there are many systems in place to maintain the integrity of mail-in ballots.

“This is so integral. We’ve become so hyper-partisanized that we can’t even talk to people from another party and I think it’s very dangerous for our society and government if we cannot trust the outcome of this election," said Cain.

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"It’s exciting to actually be part of that. Of course, I do have my favorite. I have a bias in this race, but I do want to see that affair process is done and I look forward to participating in it," Rep. Cain said.

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