HOUSTON – You may be seeing a Houston actress on the silver screen soon.

Regina Chen, 27, is one of only 12 people across the country fighting to get their big break on a new CBS TV show.

For the first time ever, the network launched a Drama Diversity Casting Initiative.

The focus is to give more opportunities to actors and actresses who have been traditionally underrepresented.

About 10,000 people auditioned for the opportunity and 450 actors received callbacks.

A final 12 participants were selected to fly out to Los Angeles in December to do screen tests for current and future shows.

“They chose 12 of us out of so many people. How did that happen? I’m still speechless,” said Chen, who is a Chinese American actress. “We’re kind of in suspense about what’s going to happen and if doors will open, but I’m pretty hopeful.”

The Houstonian hopes to be an example for other Asian actors hoping to land their big break.