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'More inclusive Houston' | AAPI Advisory Board created to help bridge gap between City, community

The board will help forge stronger connections between the City and its diverse communities.

HOUSTON — The City of Houston announced Tuesday a new Asian-American and Pacific Islander Advisory Board.

The board will help forge stronger connections between the City and its diverse communities.

"Asian-Americans are not a monolith or a silent community. Today’s announcement underscores the importance of creating space for all voices to be heard, seen, and acknowledged," District F Councilmember Tiffany D. Thomas said.

The board has three main goals:

  1. Increase engagement with City
  2. Identify and recommend community leaders to serve on city panels
  3. Work with law enforcement to identify crime issues that impact businesses

"The formation of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Advisory Board is an exciting development for our city," Turner said. "Houston has a rich history of Asian immigrants contributing to our community for over 150 years. As the AAPI population has grown significantly in the past few decades, it is imperative that we continue to foster a sense of belonging and provide a platform for their voices to be heard. I am confident that this advisory board will play a pivotal role in addressing the concerns of the AAPI community and ensuring their needs are met, not just in my administration, but well into the future."

From the City:

"The AAPI population in the Houston area has experienced remarkable growth, increasing from 1% to an impressive 26% in the past 50 years. With over 1.2 million AAPI residents in Harris County, Houston now ranks among the top 10 cities in the United States with the largest AAPI population."

Here's a list of people on the board:

AAPI Advisory Board Chair

  • Nomaan Husain


  • Wea Lee
  • Lufti Hassan
  • David Kim
  • Zafar Tahir
  • Jagdip Ahluwalia
  • Donna Cole
  • Helen Chang
  • Alice Lee
  • Kenneth Li
  • Shah Haleem
  • Hasu Patel
  • Muhammad Sheikh
  • Loloy Reyes
  • Murad Ajani
  • Paul Gor
  • Patsy Brown
  • Nancy Li
  • Bobby Singh
  • Casey Youn
  • Ben Chou
  • Bianca Mabute-Louie
  • Cindy Dinh
  • Sarah Syed
  • Victor Lee
  • Soren Valverde
  • Dieu Thao Khoa Nguyen
  • Tejal Patel
  • Darrien Bui
  • Rufi Natarajan
  • Miraj Patel
  • Lindsay Gee Calvert
  • Erin Orbe
  • Danny Nguyen
  • Glenda Joe
  • MJ Khan
  • Tony Ly
  • Dawn Lin
  • Glen Gondo
  • Stephen Le Jr.

Husain expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead.

"It is with profound respect and gratitude that I thank Mayor Sylvester Turner for his vision in creating the new Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) board. His foresight underscores our city's commitment to celebrating diversity, fostering understanding, and empowering every community. This initiative is a significant step towards a more inclusive Houston, and for that, we owe Mayor Turner our sincerest appreciation," Husain said.

Watch the full video of the announcement below:

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