Houston — HOUSTON - It’s one of the hottest tickets in town.

Pop star Harry Styles is making a stop in Houston Thursday night as part of his world tour and young fans have been lining up for days.

It’s a concert many of them would not miss for anything in the world.

As temperatures hover above 90 degrees, waiting in line for a concert like this one can be bad for your health.

Many of the fans are camping because it’s general admission and they want to get as close to Harry Styles as possible.

However, this heat is no joke and could present some dangers to these fans if they aren’t careful.

At the front of the line is Amanda Alcaraz who has been waiting in line for a week.

Alcaraz said, “I mean it’s Harry and it’s like I have to see him. If he’s in my city, I have to go and see him because I love him so much.”

Mother Nature isn’t making it easy for fans.

Catalina Gomez said, “Not going to lie, it’s been pretty rough.”

Alcaraz added, “I was sitting there and then the sun started getting on me. I was like heck no. I’m moving in with the shade.”

Besides tickets to the concert, the next most valuable thing is shade or umbrellas.

“It’s amazing. We weren’t even going to bring them. It’s been saving us basically. Without it; we were sitting over there where there’s like a ton of sun.” said another fan.

Dr. Irvin Sulapas, associate professor of sports medicine at Baylor College of Medicine said, long-term exposure to the sun and heat can be unhealthy.

“If you’re feeling a little bit weak, dizzy, if you’re feeling a little bit more; getting more sweat out from you; it may be time for you to rehydrate yourself with some water,” Dr. Sulapas said.

He said thirst is the first sign that someone is already dehydrated.

“Well if you’re waiting in line for a concert maybe have something like a bottle of water every one to two hours,” Dr. Sulapas said.

They're directions many fans tried to follow to stay in cool as they get ready and wait for the concert.

Despite the sweat and discomfort, Alcaraz said it’s going to be worth it.

She said, “Just seeing him up close is going to make it all worth it. Singing all the songs. Maybe you’ll have some eye contact. He’s talked with some fans in the front row so that’s what I’m hoping for and also to touch his hand.”

Anyone who plans to be outside for long periods of time should also wear sunblock and light-colored clothing.