As if we haven't had enough rain the past few weeks, we're about to add to that total heading into the middle of this coming week. While severe weather and widespread flooding is not anticipated, it could certainly slow you down to and from work.

First, I want to remind you that you indeed live in Houston and not Seattle. To the non-observant observer, it had might as well be anywhere in the Pacific-Northwest. It has rained 13 of the last 33 days -- or about 40% of the time. On the days its been dry, it's been cloudy and foggy. Enough!

Wednesday Rain

The nemesis for all the cloudy, rainy days is thanks to the jet stream which acts as railroad tracks for passing disturbances. As long as the tracks -- err jet stream -- is located overhead, the rain chances will continue to plague our forecast. Wednesday will be no different as the next disturbance rounds the bend.

With ample moisture in place and a favorable upper-level environment, the set up for heavy rain in Texas appears to be ripe. As of this entry, the best probability for heavy rain remains north of Houston near Dallas. However current models do show the possibility of 1 to 3 inches of rain in the Houston area beginning late Tuesday night and lasting through Thursday.

Courtesy: Weather Prediction Center

The threat of strong storms or severe weather appears to be minimal but the the Hydrological Prediction Center has hatched a large swath of central and north Texas for excessive rainfall. Houston is on the cusp of that hatched area.

Of course we'll continue to keep you guys up-to-date on any changes to the upcoming forecast. Once we get past Thursday, rain chances drop back down to around 20% heading into the weekend before ramping back up for Sunday.