HEARNE, Texas—A local animal rescue has stepped in to help at least 30 dogs left behind when their owner died Friday.

Deb Fatheree from the Urgent Animals of Hearne works in collaboration with the City of Hearne animal control officer to save dogs and cats from the animal shelter.

According to Fatheree, Animal Control Officer Ben Spiller contacted the rescue on Friday to help with removing the dogs from the property.

They saved 16 of the dogs on Monday, including a mother and her four newborn puppies.

Fatheree and her volunteers are still working to save the others. She said there’s at least 15 that remain on the property, but she fears there may still be some more who have escaped the fence and are hiding.

The rescue volunteers have been giving them food and water until they can be rescued from the property.

The dogs already removed from the property are receiving veterinary care and will go to experienced foster homes until they are ready for adoption. Fatheree said the dogs are "scared and unsocialized.”

She also said the vet bills will cost at least $7,000 up front, and could be more depending on the health condition of each animal.

The Urgent Animals of Hearne rescue saves on average 50 dogs a month and vet bills can be up to $9,000 a month.

If you’d like to help by making a donation to Urgent Animals of Hearne, click here. Or, you can call the Robertson County Veterinary Services to make a direct donation at 979-279-9201.