Kickers need ice in their veins and just enough of a chip on their shoulder.

"At last I checked, pressure makes diamonds," said Alec Chadwick, a junior at Houston Baptist.

Chadwick's gem? A 60-yard field goal last November in the fourth quarter against Incarnate Word.

Not only did it sail through the uprights, it's also flown under the radar. Chadwick's boot was the longest field goal last season in all of college football. Now the question is: How far is too far for Alec Chadwick?

But first, back to that 60-yard bomb.

Did he have any doubts he'd make that kick? "Honestly, the (play) clock was really low, so I didn't have time to think."

"And that was probably key, right?" asked KHOU 11 Sports Anchor Jason Bristol. "Yeah, (but) really it was the long snapper," said Chadwick. "He came up to me and was like, 'You got this?' And he looked at the Coach...and coach wanted to punt it. The long-snapper was like, 'Let's kick this.'"

That log snapper is Danny Garza. He'll bend over backwards -- make that, forwards -- for Alec everytime. He believes his kicker is that kind of weapon.

"I'm not going to take any credit for it all," said Garza, a preseason All-America candidate. "Coach enabled us to do it. But there's definitely some persuasion on our part."

Ultimately, the question of how far is too far is best answered by head coach Vic Shealy. "I think 60 is a good number," said Shealy, who's team opens up September 2 at Texas State.

Will he try 63-, 64- or 65-yards? "We'll get to there one day, I think," he added with a smirk. "Right now, if he can duplicate that 60 number, I think that's pretty good."

And how far does Chadwick think he go? "In practice, I've hit a 70-yarder.

"In a game, I'd say 60 is about max. Before that I would have said 55, honestly," he said with a big laugh.