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Haunted car wash prank sure to leave your loved ones with nightmares

Psycho clowns with machetes appear to hijack your car as it rolls through the car wash.

HOUSTON — If you’re looking for a “COVID-19-safe” way to celebrate Halloween, a drive-thru League City’s haunted car wash may be just what you’ve been looking for.

“Parents are bringing their kids here,” said Falaq Dhuka, Spouts car wash owner and operator. “Their kids don’t know where they’re going, then all of a sudden, there’s haunters in their car.”

The car wash owners thought it was a great idea considering the pandemic.

It turns out that thousands of other people thought so, too.

“We’ve turned away hundreds of cars just for traffic control,” Dhuka said. “We just can’t accommodate everyone.”

The nightmares that will follow this Halloween prank are guaranteed.

“We’ve had parents who lock their doors and unlock their kids doors,” Dhuka said. “But won’t unlock their doors because they’re too scared to.”

The car wash will operates daily starting at 7 p.m. through Saturday night.