HOUSTON -- Many in the Houston area went to turn on their faucets Wednesday morning, only to find that nothing happened.

The hard freeze Tuesday night meant a busy day for plumbers, especially in northwest Harris County.

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“We’re overwhelmed right now, we don’t have enough help right now – so there’s a lot of people who have called us,” said plumber John Cantu.

The problems came both big and small. For some homeowners, their pipes burst from the freeze.

“We all know ice will expand, and PVC pipe doesn’t give much room to expand,” Cantu said.

While for others – the cause wasn’t as clear.

Plumbers were out in full force doing what they could to try and fix those issues.

”We’re basically at the mercy of when those pipes eventually thaw out,” said plumber Mike Shur.

In some cases plumbers put heat on the those lines to try and get the ice to melt, and in others they had to scoop water that had leaked in the water main.

But plumbers say the biggest challenge is educating folks about what to do in these cold temperatures.

"Just to get the water in your lines to move, is the biggest part that stops any of the freezing crystallization,” Shur said.

The price tag for some of those repairs sits between $400 and $900, that's enough of an incentive to keep those faucets dripping the next time a hard freeze is expected.