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Houston-area school made 6-year-old girl change clothes, parents say

The parents of the 6-year-old are upset because they said there is nothing wrong with the way their daughter wears dresses and she wears tights or shorts underneath.

HOUSTON — Agitated and upset are just two words to describe the parents of a 6-year-old girl who said she was forced to change out of her dress while at school. 

Jonathan Alexander said his daughter loves putting on dresses and she wears them to school nearly every day, but now the young girl is self-conscious after an incident that reportedly took place at Clear Lake City Elementary School.  

Jonathan and his wife Kristie said a teacher's aide spoke to their daughter about the dresses she wore to school. Their daughter continued to wear dresses and a few days later, after going to school in a dress, the 6-year-old came back home wearing jeans. 

“The first thing I asked was, ‘Did you have an accident?’ ‘No ma’am.’ ‘Ok, why did you change clothes?’ ‘The teacher made me change clothes because I was running around or playing and didn’t sit properly," Kristie explained of the conversation she had with her daughter.

Johnathan and Kristie said the next day they were sent a message by their daughter's teacher over an app used for parent-teacher communication. 

The message read, in part, that, "...she was trying to maintain student dignity."

Jonathan said he believes that there was nothing wrong with the way his daughter wears dresses. He said all they are telling him and his wife is that she doesn't sit in the chair properly and you're able to see her underwear because the shorts underneath her dress were too baggy. 

“Ever since the beginning of the year, my daughter has worn dresses. She wears shorts or tights or something under the dress," he said. “I do not believe that any 6-year-old is looking at another 6-year-old like that.”

Clear Creek ISD sent over the following statement:

“CCISD is not able to comment on student matters, however, the District will continue to reinforce with staff, parprofessionals, and substitute teachers what the dress code policy is in Clear Creek ISD.”

Jonathan and his wife said this is their daughter's first year at Clear Lake City Elementary School and, for now, they plan to keep her there. 

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