HOUSTON — Are you enjoying the warmer weather? Well, so are snakes. 

They love these higher temps and it's bringing them out in the open.

"Houston is home to a large number of snake species, and they've been here before we've been here and best thing to do when you see one is leave it alone," says snake expert Stan Mays of the Houston Zoo.

H-Town Rush anchor Russ Lewis snapped a pic of a copperhead near a bayou in Cinco Ranch over the weekend and posted it on his Facebook page. Copperheads are among the six species of venomous snakes in the Houston area.

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Dr. Spencer Greene is the Director of Medical Toxicology at Baylor College of Medicine and Ben Taub Hospital. He handles about 50 snake bites a year and says don't try home remedies if you're bitten by a snake. He advises you to go to a hospital. 

"Don't use an extraction device. They don't remove venom," says Dr. Greene. "Don't use a tourniquet, don't tie a string off, don't try to cut and suck. The best thing you can do is get to an appropriate facility." 

You may see snakes on your property soon. Snake experts say the best defense is to keep your backyard nice and tidy. Don't make it attractive for snakes or the rats and mice the snakes are chasing.

Also, dress appropriately when you're outside. Don't wear flip flops when you decide to go on a nature trail hike. You need to wear something more protective.