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Fountain of Praise pastors want to bring hope, healing to George Floyd family

"Because there's been so much media, publicity behind this, the family hasn't really had an opportunity to grieve."

HOUSTON — George Floyd has returned to the place where he spent most of his life.

Houston is the final of three memorials held in his honor and thousands came to pay their respects at a church that has a special connection to Floyd's family.

Fountain of Praise pastors Remus Wright and Mia Wright have a close relationship with Floyd’s first cousin and wanted to do everything they could to support the family during it’s time of mourning. The cousins were very close growing up, the couple said.

They reached out to family when they saw the conversation that was circulating on social media.

“At the time, it wasn’t just the death of a man that had occurred, it was the spark of a movement in the nation and in the world,” Mia Wright said.

Remus Wright said they just want to bring hope and healing to the Floyd family at a time when their being embraced by the world.

“One thing that we were concerned with was being able to help this family doing a moment of grief because they’ve been so much publicity and media behind this, the family really hasn’t had an opportunity to grieve,” Remus Wright said.

More than 6,300 people attended the pubic viewing ceremony Monday at Fountain of Praise church in honor of Floyd.

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“We’re celebrating the life of a man who has now put his imprint in all of our history,” Remus Wright said.

Floyd’s likeness and name have become a symbol of a worldwide movement demanding the end of police brutality and racial inequality in the United States.

Since his death two week ago, protests and marches with thousands in attendance have been organized to enact change in the law enforcement and judicial system. It has sparked new conversation among community members and leaders about the path abolishing institutional racism.

Amidst the outcries, there’s also been messages of love and support for Floyd’s relatives.

“They’ve had a lot of people around them, embracing them, showing them love and compassion,” Remus Wright said.

The Floyd family and special guests will attendant a private funeral Tuesday at the Fountain of Praise. He will be taken by horse drawn carriage to his final resting place in Pearland.

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