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George Floyd protests: Here's what Houston looked like Saturday night

Throughout Texas, protesters have gathered to speak out against the death of a black Houston man killed while in Minneapolis police custody.

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Gov. Greg Abbott has deployed 1,500 state troopers to various cities throughout Texas, including Houston, in an effort to maintain peace during George Floyd protests.

“Texas and America mourn the senseless loss of George Floyd and the actions that led to his death are reprehensible and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible,” said Governor Abbott. “As Texans exercise their 1st Amendment rights, it is imperative that order is maintained and private property is protected.”

These DPS officers will assist local law enforcement departments. The governor's office said more resources will be provided as needed.

The deployment cities include Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

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Timeline of events from the George Floyd protests in Texas:

MAY 31 1:00 A.M. — A heavy police presence remains downtown near the Toyota Center where people have been protesting against the death of George Floyd. Several viewers shared video with KHOU 11.

WARNING: The video below contains strong language.

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MAY 30 10:41 P.M. — Houston Police said one of its officers is OK after she was struck by a criminal mischief suspect's SUV at 9:35 p.m. at intersection of Jefferson and Emancipation. The officer was transported to the hospital as a precaution. Police said the suspect was vandalizing a vehicle when he saw officers approach and hit the officer while leaving the scene.

MAY 30 10:05 P.M. — Fort Bend Memorial Planning Center confirmed it is handling the funeral arrangements for George Floyd, whose body will be brought back to Houston, according to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

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MAY 30 8:30 P.M. — Protests continue for a second consecutive night in downtown Houston. So far, the protests are peaceful.

Live video from downtown Houston

Demonstrators are in downtown Houston for a second straight night, calling for justice for George Floyd. Latest updates: https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/george-floyd-latest-news-may-30/285-f1786fa8-8e49-4950-a4f3-751b4bde1857

Posted by KHOU 11 News on Saturday, May 30, 2020

MAY 30 7:39 P.M. — Governor Greg Abbott has activated the Texas National Guard in response to violence during protests against George Floyd's death throughout the state. The governor released the following statement:

"Texans have every right to exercise their first amendment rights, but violence and looting will not be tolerated."

MAY 30 5:58 P.M. — Houston Police cautioned anyone in the downtown Houston area to expect a large police presence, as well as delays and detours as large groups move through.

MAY 30 4:56 P.M. — Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said George Floyd's body will be flown back to Houston.  Specifics of a funeral weren't released.

MAY 30 4:42 P.M. — The Houston Police Officers' Union posted a photo to Twitter of a group of Houstonians in the North Belt station parking lot praying with officers.

MAY 30 4:37 P.M. — Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said 137 people were arrested during Friday night's rally, mostly for obstructing a roadway. He said eight officers were injured during the protest, 16 police vehicles were damaged and some businesses were vandalized.

MAY 30 3:58 P.M. — Black Lives Matter supporters and sympathizers gathered at Houston's Emancipation Park in honor of George Floyd, but also discuss in racial justice in the United States. There was speeches and a singing performance.

MAY 30 3:40 P.M. — Mayor Sylvester Turner and HPD Chief Art Acevedo discussed the protest that rocked downtown Houston last night, resulting in 137 arrests and eight officers injured.

Both said they were proud of the young people who went out to exercise their First Amendment rights and will support them in doing so in a peaceful manner.

"Having said that, unfortunately, what happens is there are provacateurs or anarchists or those who want to hijack the legitimate pain, the legitimate grievances, the legitimate activities of 80% if not more of that crowd," Acevedo said.

Houston police are monitoring the situation and keeping an eye out for certain groups, the chief said.

"We're seeing that their are people, who are not people of color, who are coming into this city and other cities to actually start agitating and actually engaging in violence," Acevedo said.

MAY 30 3:24 P.M. — U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee delivered a rousing speech about the discrimination against black Americans and demanded more legislative action be  taken to prevent the future deaths of black men at the hands of law enforcement.

“They can’t see a black man, they have to see an American,” she said.

Watch the full speech here on the KHOU 11 Facebook page. 

MAY 30 1:58 P.M. — Gov. Greg Abbott sends 1,500 state troopers to Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio cities to assist local law enforcement with maintaining peace and order during George Floyd protests.

MAY 30 9:41 A.M. —  Jack Yates High School Alumni holds a vigil and walk in honor of George Floyd who graduated from the school in 1993. 

MAY 30 3:57 A.M. — Chief Art Acevedo tweets "done for the night" in response to the George Floyd rally. 

MAY 30 3:15 A.M.  Houston police said nearly 200 people were arrested during the George Floyd rally. The department said many of the people arrested will be charged with obstructing a roadway. 

MAY 30 12:20 A.M. — Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and HPD officers are advising people downtown blocking a street or business to leave or be subject to arrest.

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