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'They’d have killed my John' | Man hospitalized after dog attack in Galveston

"When I unwrapped his wounds, I cried. Because it literally took a hunk of meat out of his arm."

GALVESTON, Texas — A Dallas man is healing after his vacation to Galveston ended when he was attacked by two dogs. The incident happened outside his home on the island.

It was a photo of Wednesday night’s sunset that John Jones was excited to capture. He stepped outside his home, snapped the pic, but then spotted the dogs.

“I just had this feeling that I knew something wasn’t right," Jones said.

Seconds later, he said they were on him.

“Basically was two pit bulls, that’s what it was," Jones said.

He ran but wasn’t fast enough.

“Right here and right here is where he got me," Jones said as he pointed to his wounds.

He said one dog got his arm and the other latched on to his ankle. His husband Rich Pinkston had just stepped outside.

“If you think that you live in a safe neighborhood, I thought that, too," Pinkston said.

A neighbor’s video shows what happened after that: Jones ran to safety inside the home and Rich used two metal rods to fend off the dogs. Pictures show just some of the blood that fell from John’s wounds.

“They’d have killed my John, eaten him alive. The look on that dog's face was so angry, so vicious," Pinkston said.

Neighbors rushed to their aid. Pinkston said one driver even hit the dogs with his car.

“The dog did not stop. Got up, came right back at us," Pinkston said.

Eventually, they went back to where they came from, and John was taken to the hospital.

“When I unwrapped his wounds, I cried. Because it literally took a hunk of meat out of his arm," Pinkston said.

Neighbors said it's not the first incident with the dogs. Jones and Pinkston want someone to be held responsible.

“It’s not the dogs' fault. The dog is the aggressor, but the dog is under a human’s control," Pinkston said.

“It’s just like having a loaded gun with one bullet in it, you just don’t know when that bullet’s going to hit you," Jones said.

KHOU 11 News reached out to Galveston police to see if they are investigating and what’s next for the animals, but we are still waiting to hear back.

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