FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - This Friday, two carefully selected deputies from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office will make their reality TV debut.

Deputy John Delgado and another yet-to-be revealed deputy will be featured on A&E’s popular weekend show, “Live PD.”

Unlike the show COPS, Live PD shows interactions between law enforcement and the public in real time.

The Sheriff’s Office says they were in talks with the show’s producers just two weeks ago, and the decision to start filming happened very fast.

They met all of the show’s criteria, which included having a big social media presence.

The show’s camera crews will be following the two deputies for up to 14 weeks. They could be featured on more episodes depending on viewer feedback.

Major Chad Norvell with FBCSO says the exposure means transparency, and he hopes positive PR. He says it might even help with recruitment.

“It shows how we engage with our community. It lets the community see who we are,” Norvell said.

The show will take viewers to scenes where there are “common traffic stops, people who are drunk, domestic arguments, sometimes very trivial things,” according to Major Norvell.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office gained national attention back in November when

Sheriff Troy Nehls threatened to prosecute a driver over a profane bumper sticker that slammed President Donald Trump and people who voted for him.

The Sherrif said he’d gotten numerous citizen complaints about the sticker. The issue sparked controversy and a debate about free speech.

FBCSO is eager to have the spotlight on them this time. It says the two deputies they chose to be featured were selected out of more than 500 deputies. Major Norvell says these deputies are “guys who look good, speak well of your department. Guys that are very positive. We’ve never received any complaints on them. Good guys.”

The show’s in-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., provide insight to what audiences see in real time from a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras.

The show airs 8 p.m. CT Friday.