HOUSTON -- Former Houston Metro Police officer Jairus Warren, 24, was convicted Wednesday of assault bodily injury for the beating of a man at a light rail stop in 2016, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

A judge Thursday sentenced Warren to two years probation and 30 days of jail time. He would also be forced to wear an ankle monitor during that probation period.

Former Houston Metro Police officer Jairus Warren, 24
Former Houston Metro Police officer Jairus Warren, 24

Warren's attorney, however, informed the judge that they will file a motion for a new trial. That motion has not been granted or denied at this time, so the probation sentencing is frozen for now.

The judge issued a $100 bond for Warren's release.

Raw video: Metro police release video of beating

In 2016, KHOU 11 spoke with the man who was beaten by the Metro Police officer.

"I'm glad to see he was charged. What he did wasn't lawful. I was just asking for help," said Darrel Giles, who spoke to KHOU 11 News from the Harris County Jail.

Giles was arrested in another incident weeks after he was beaten.

Giles explained that on Sept. 14 2016, he was just waiting at the Burnett Train Station for the next train while charging his phone. When Officer Warren asked him to leave, he says that's when the attack began.

Giles is homeless but said he lives with his mother half the time.

The district attorney at the time, Devon Anderson, said the officer shouldn't be wearing a badge.

Giles had originally been charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest for the incident but once the video came to light those initial charges were dropped.