JACINTO CITY — A former Jacinto City Little League president arrested for stealing nearly $17,000 did not, according to Harris County prosecutors.

A judge dismissed a theft charge against Christopher Vasquez Wednesday morning. Still, Vasquez is not welcome around the little league he once served.

“I felt like a big sense of relief,” Vasquez said after the charge against him was dismissed. “I know deep down in my heart that I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just doing what was right.”

Eight months ago, the league’s current president had Vasquez arrested for theft. League sponsor Coca-Cola donated $16,908 to buy a new scoreboard for JCLL. The check, however, was printed in Vasquez’s name. By the time it arrived, JCLL board members had voted Vasquez out and installed a new president.

Vasquez cashed the check. Some affiliated with the league still believe he stole it.

However, prosecutors told KHOU 11 News that Vasquez ordered a cashier’s check, made it out to pay JCLL and tried to give it to league leaders. Vasquez tried to pay JCLL 12 times, according to Cordt Akers, Vasquez’s lawyer.

When league leaders rejected, Vasquez held on to the check, prosecutors said. They found no crime. So, a judge dismissed the theft charge against Vasquez.

Still, the league’s current president told KHOU 11 News off camera that she is disappointed the case was dismissed. However, she is pleased the league’s money was returned. They plan to have a new scoreboard by the beginning of next season. She said, though, the league has no plans to welcome Vasquez back.

“A lot of people said oh I knew he was like that,” Vasquez said. “I knew he was like this. It’s hurt me physically, emotionally. (It) hurt my business (Chaos Sports Batting Cage). (It) hurt who I am. People don’t want to talk to me.”

The married father who runs an annual toy drive said he is happy to move on knowing his name is clear.

“Hopefully today brings out light that never to judge anybody by what you have done,” he said. “Let everything play out first and then you can make your judgment.”