The photo is absolutely gut-wrenching, but hopefully it triggers the emotion needed to crack the case.

That’s the hope of Galveston Police investigators who released a crime scene photo Tuesday of the young child found dead on the beach in October.

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The decision to show the picture of the little boy to the public is one Lois Gibson says was the right thing to do.

Gibson is a nationally known forensic artist. She’s worked on six cases similar to this one, including the Baby Grace case in 2007. Of the six cases, this recent one is the only one that remains unsolved.

“I have one goal,” Gibson said. "It’s to find out who the baby is.”

Galveston Police believe the child, who was between 3 to 4 years old, was abused and neglected before he died. Investigators said Tuesday, after studying the current, they believe the child was dumped in the Gulf of Mexico somewhere in Galveston County, adding the little boy was dead before he was dumped in the water.

The photo from police is extremely similar to the portrait released last year, except for the emotion.

“Everybody is going, 'Oh, the baby is asleep.' No, he’s dead. What a cute little baby boy.” Gibson said.