Houston firefighters responded to a Third Ward apartment building after a fire broke out early Friday morning.

The fire was reported on Burkett at Winbern just after midnight.

Firefighters made a fast attack and set up a ladder truck to fight the blaze. The five-unit building was a complete loss, but no injuries were reported.

“…it had to be some electrical problem or somebody sabotaged the apartment complex! It happened that quick,” said resident Lewis Carter.

Carter was relieved to find out everyone got out safely but was devastated to hear that all the units inside were a complete loss.

“I had my clothes in there, I’m dressing up all the time,” said Carter. “I had just pulled out my purple suit. I had my purple suit and red gators, and I left my money in there too. My money got burnt up.”

As the intense flames shot from the building, one person was taken to the hospital for anxiety-related issues.

Neighbors are now sorting through their emotions in disbelief over what’s been lost. They’re also wondering what’s next.

“Total loss, they lost everything,” said Roy Abbs.

Residents say for now they’ll look to stay with family members.

“They don’t have a place to stay, they have to start all over,” said Abbs.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.