HOUSTON — The Pasek family is suing Centerpoint nine months after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

25-year-old Andrew Pasek died after being electrocuted in the floodwaters. His loved ones say that never should have happened.

"That's what's made it so hard," said Alyssa Davidson, Andrew's sister. "So many what ifs. He really did love me and he was trying to do me a favor. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, wrong circumstances and it could have been avoided."

Andrew was wading through chest deep water with a friend, trying to make it to Alyssa's home to rescue her cat. He never made it. He was electrocuted in wired water, electricity still racing through a lamp post in a neighbor's yard.

"He told his friend, 'do not touch me, I'm dying'," said Alyssa.

In his final moments, Andrew saved a life, so his family is hoping to save others from a similar fate.

"It could have been anyone that day," said Jodell Pasek, Andrew's mother.

Attorney Mo Aziz has filed a lawsuit against Centerpoint Energy and other entities. Aziz says Centerpoint should have shutoff power in the area as soon as floodwaters started to rise.

Antwine Electric and TE Connectivity Corporation also were listed as defendants in the suit for faulty installation of electrical lighting equipment.

Finally, the property owners are also named in the lawsuit for allegedly failing to ensure the property was free from electrical malfunction or dangerous conditions.

"There were multiple failures here, multiple people who dropped the ball," said Aziz.

With hurricane season just weeks away, Andrew's mother says time is of the essence.

"I definitely think there's a sense of urgency to this," said Jodell.

The lawsuit asks for at least $1 million in damages, but the Pasek's are looking for more than money. The family hopes they can enforce policy changes from Centerpoint Energy.

"When I think about all the people in the water, and moving and trying to get out and in, I just want change," said Alyssa. "I just want to see something done to protect people."

It's this family's way of making sure their son Andrew didn't die in vain.

"I know every parents says their kids are great, but Andrew really was great," said Albin Pasek. "He's a perfect example of giving his life trying to help his sister."

Centerpoint Energy released this statement tonight:

Our condolences go out to Mr. Pasek’s family. Due to pending litigation, however, we are not at liberty to comment on the incident or lawsuit.

The other defendants are refusing to comment on this time as well due to pending litigation.